Our 50-year journey

When one approaches a milestone year such as fifty, a certain amount of reflection is in order.

Since Reid Raetzer Robsons was established, we have been guided by our founding values of integrity, empathy and trust. In the interview below, Michael Grossi, CEO of Reid Raetzer Robsons, touches on some of the highlights and challenges faced by the company over the years and expounds on the values that have continued to motivate us to provide professional assistance to our clients.


Looking to the future, we will continue to build on these fundamental values put in place by our founders to successfully navigate the insurance landscape.


Thank you to everyone who has been part of our business journey, your support has been integral to our success and we are looking forward to our next 50 years.


How did Reid Raetzer Robsons start?

Reid Raetzer Robsons did not start as one company; Reid Raetzer started its journey in 1969 and Robsons was founded in 1967. The companies merged into one entity, Reid Raetzer Robsons, in 2017. However, over the years, there have been eleven other brokerages acquired and assimilated into the Group.


What is the origin of the name?

Reid Raetzer was named after its founders, Ted Reid and Mike Raetzer, as was Robsons, named after the late John Robson. We have always respected our history and founding values and retained the names of our founders to honour our past, give us credibility in the present and take our legacy into the future.


What have been some of the highlights from your 50-year journey?

It would really be impossible to identify just a few. I think that being in business for 50 years is a highlight in itself and has been the pinnacle of our journey thus far. It tells me we have had to have done something right for all those years, given our longevity. Dealing with the sons and grandsons of our first clients is, however, quite a special experience.


What were some of the challenges you had to overcome as a business?

There are many challenges we faced, many we are facing and many to come in the future. Besides the pressures of starting a business from scratch; acquiring and merging other brokerages into our stable; and difficult claims we have been involved with, the greatest challenge has always been managing our relationships with the many insurance companies we deal with and employing these relationships to the benefit of our clients.


One of our founders, Ted Reid, had this to say, “Mike and I stressed the importance of relationships with clients and the management of insurance companies – especially Claims Controllers. This has always been our philosophy as it encouraged loyalty between all parties and as a result we gained their respect, which is still the position and the position we are determined to maintain.”


How has your company culture evolved over the years?

I am grateful to say our culture has never changed and never will. Our company was founded on honesty, delivery and friendship and despite the ever-changing world around us and the impersonal trend that direct insurers have introduced, these values will always be relevant and the yardstick by which we measure ourselves against.


Who were the people integral to the success of the business?

To identify a few people would be an injustice to the company as our success has always been thanks to a collective effort by a group of friends who are experts in many divergent forms of insurance and coalesced into one entity, Reid Raetzer Robsons. If I were pushed, however, to name one person, I suppose it would be Mike Raetzer for his guidance, attention to detail and the example he set.


What are some goals and vision for the business for the next 50 years?

Firstly, to keep it simple and focus on the things that actually matter in the belief that this will not only ensure future success but bring everything else we do into perspective. The world’s advances in artificial intelligence would have us all dealing with robots and algorithms, yet I believe that there is much needed space for personal touch and human empathy and that is the space we will continue to occupy and the path we will pursue.


Anything you’d like to say to the clients who have been a part of the 50-year journey?

We are so grateful for all the loyalty our clients have extended towards the commitment we have extended to them. I would like to also thank them for their friendship and for the opportunity we have had to help them when they have been in need or had a problem to face. It is a great feeling to be there for someone and to bring resolution to a difficult situation, it’s that feeling which, I think, continues to motivate all of us.


Answers by Michael Grossi, CEO of Reid Raetzer Robsons.