Medical aid changes, remote jamming and other important insurance topics...

Medical Aid 2020 Changes

As we edge closer towards the end of 2019, a few tasks still remain on our to-do lists, one very important one being to check your medical aid. During this time of year, medical aid companies communicate changes to their products for 2020. While this may seem like another admin-related task on top of your growing pile, you’ll thank yourself in the new year for checking your current medical aid and making any desired changes now. 

If you are an existing medical aid member, keep an eye on that inbox for any information from your medical aid company. You don’t want to miss any changes for 2020. Communications should include information regarding the benefits available based on your chosen option, as well as updates on 2020 premiums.


Have you notified your Medical Aid of changes?

Remember, if you wish to change your option but stay with the same medical aid company, you need to notify them within their prescribed notice period. Some medical aid companies are closing this notice period as early as the 22nd of November!

If you wish to change medical aid schemes from one company to another, we suggest submitting your application and having it approved before the end of November 2019. This ensures your existing medical aid is provided with a calendar month’s notice regarding your cancellation.

If you need any help regarding your medical aid policy or would like to discuss new options for yourself or your family, feel free to contact one of our brokers for assistance.


Short Term Insurance…

The festive season is around the corner — it definitely crept up on us this year — and although your insurance policy might not be at the top of your wish list, now is the ideal time to review and make sure you have the correct cover in place. This is not called the silly season for no reason, unfortunately!


 Some important things to check with your policies:

  • Is your vehicle comprehensively insured and does your broker have all the required details? Don’t forget to check those tyres before you head off on your Christmas holiday.
  • Is the insured amount for your household contents adequate? Don’t forget to include those Christmas presents!
  • If required by your insurance policy, is your home alarm working and connected to armed response?
  • Have you specified those valuable items that normally leave the house with you? For example, cell phones, laptops and tablets.
  • Vehicle Remote Jamming – Please remember, vehicle remote jamming is a general exclusion on most insurance policies. When locking your vehicle, please be aware of your surroundings and physically check all your doors and windows. Remember to lock all valuables in your boot. 


Holiday Travel Tip from us at RRR:

If you are going away, why not speak to your consultant about unspecified cover. We often forget about our suitcases and their contents and how much it would cost to replace these items in the event of a loss.

Whether you are planning on going away or looking forward to your annual ‘stay-cation’, then updating your insurance policies may mean the difference between festive cheer and expensive tears.